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TDSB | February 2024 - Current

Vice Principal at Weston Collegiate Institute

Anchored Minds Foundation | August 2020 - Current

Chair of Anchored Minds Foundation

Anchored Minds Foundation is a community based charity.
We seek to close the gap between the philanthropic sector and grass-root social enterprises devoted to serving underserved racialized communities in the GTA.

We do this work to ensure that grass-root social enterprises and community members from underserved racialized communities are funded properly and sustainably by the philanthropic sector.

We trustee grants for grass-root social enterprises, donate to social enterprises, and support community members in need.

Generation Chosen | January 2016 - July 2024

Co-Founder/Former ED

This is a YOF/OTF funded non-profit organization, dedicated towards enhancing emotional intelligence, demystifying mental health issues, promoting financial literacy and the acquisition life skills, and encouraging civic engagement amongst youth and young adults from underserved communities. The program takes place out of 3 TDSB schools between the hours of 6-9pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 7 months out of the year. The program caters to youth and young adults ages 15-25, and provides an hour and a half of recreation and topical discussions/activities. The aim of the program is to provide youth with the necessary outlets and support systems to acquire work, advance their education, and help them deal with psycho-social/emotional issues that beset them. (Structure of programming has changed due to COVID-19, however programming persists virtually for 7 months out of the year)

Operation Black Vote Canada | September 2017 - Current

Director, Youth Outreach

As Director of Youth Outreach I liaise with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal government officials on a number of issues pertaining to Black youth specifically. The goal is to increase the representation of Black youth in the political process as well as advocate for policies that enrich the community overall.

TDSB | January 2022 - July 2024

Administrator at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute

Foundation for Black Communities | July 2020 - Current


The Foundation for Black Communities is Canada's first Black philanthropic institution designed to function as a philanthropic institution exclusively catering to B3 (Black-led, Black-serving, Black-focused) organizations in the following ways:

1) Grant-making and mission related investment strategies

2) Collaborating with government, private and public stakeholders to supportB3 organizations

3) Influencing policy in order to foster meaningful relationship

Anchoring Minds Inc. | August 2020 - Current


Anchoring Minds Inc. is a boutique consulting firm created to address the historical and contemporary missteps made within the areas of leadership, workplace wellness, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within the corporate sector. Through facilitating workshops, consulting, and 1:1 coaching, we bridge and address the learning curve within corporations to establish more inclusive and psychologically safe cultures. Our Anchoring Minds methodology uses emotional intelligence as the core of our EDI, Leadership, and Wellness training to develop authentic and open spaces of transformation and the radical deepening of an individual’s self-consciousness. By anchoring minds within the corporate space, we believe we can influence and catalyze progressive changes throughout our society given the political and economic position these institutions find themselves in.

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BBPA's 2021 Harry Jerome Award Recipient: Decade Leader Award

The BBPA Harry Jerome Awards acknowledge and celebrate the evolution, innovation and leadership of key individuals in the Black community. The recipients of these awards have changed and improved their various sectors, with a proven and demonstrated track record of supporting the Black community.