Harry Jerome Award Recipient: Decade Leader Award 2021

The 2021 Harry Jerome Award Recipients

Decade Leader 2021

Meaningful societal and political change begins with the radical deepening of our own self-consciousness. Our thought-patterns, habits, and emotions, given that they often go unacknowledged and unattended to, present us with our most formidable existential challenges — both personal and social. It is my belief that education (in all of its various forms: media, formal, political, societal, experiential) if it is healthy, is that process by which we disclose and elucidate what so often besets us: our biases, assumptions, prejudices, and traumas. Novelty and innovation, in all sectors of our modern democratic society, are only possible if we collectively develop emotionally and intellectually mature responses to our interpersonal tensions, issues, and predicaments. My work, in its various manifestations, is directed towards reducing the barriers that impede this necessary self-work, and, while doing so, ameliorate the institutions that are entrusted with safeguarding the maturation of the modern individual.

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For my work with Generation Chosen www.generationchosen.ca I was selected as the People's Choice for the Metroland Media Toronto's Urban Hero award recipient in the area Health. Selected through a voting process that saw 12,000 voters support the granting of this award, I was nominated by @torontodotcom for my work in the area of emotional intelligence and education within underserved communities. Take a look at the article below!



Generation Chos3n

Coordinator/Founder www.generationchosen.ca

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PhD(ABD)/Teaching Assistant

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Environics Research Institute

Narrative Ambassador/ Former Project Coordinator www.theblackexperienceproject.ca

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Operation Black Vote Canada

Director, Youth Outreach

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Tyndale University


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Morneau Shepell

Anti-Black Racism and Emotional Health and Well-Being Facilitator and Consultant.

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TDSB (Toronto District School Board)

I am an Ontario Certified Teacher (O.C.T.)

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Speaking Engagements/Facilitations

Starting at 2000 per hour. Subject to change depending upon size of audience and preparation requirments.

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada