My entire TAship saw me profess in a course entitled "Existence, Freedom and Meaning: The Idea of the Human in EuropeanThought". The course explored -- through the critical analysis of texts, both literary and philosophical -- the religious, social and moral ideals which contribute to the development of human self-consciousness.Through a diligent and militant investigation into the works wrought by particular authors, the course aims to challenge and antagonize unbiased and conventional opinions about God, the self, and the other, in order to ascertain an authentic understanding of all three. In this course, I am responsible for conducting a tutorial once a week for 2 hours.

Along with teaching, I am presently working on a dissertation entitled "The Mind of Narrative and the Narrative of Mind",  a dissertation that incorporates psychoanalysis, biblical hermeneutics, and philosophy, in order to prove that the existence of the mind is predicated upon the veracity of a given narrative -- which itself, is contingent upon its ability to elucidate and distinguish between what is infinite and finite.