Environics Research Institute


At Environics Research Institute I am a  former project coordinator and current narrative ambassador for the Black Expereience Project in the GTA. The Black Experience Project is a groundbreaking research study documenting the "lived experience" of individuals across the Greater Toronto Area who self-identify as Black or of African heritage. The study focuses on the contributions, successes, experiences and challenges of the people from this diverse community. The research will provide valuable direction in identifying policies and other initiatives that will contribute to the health and vibrancy of the Black community, and by doing so, the health and vibrancy of the entire GTA community. The study consisted of in-depth one-on-one confidential interviews with a representative sample of more than 1,500 individuals across the GTA.

As a Project Coordinator I was responsible for the following tasks: Website development/maintenance, handling online inquiries made about the Black Experience Project, Point of contact for expressed demands made for media, issues, or notifications, development of potential presentations, handling and organizing Narrative Ambassadors, Managing BEP social media (youtube, twitter, facebook, Instagram etc.), liaising between various community, social, and political organizations and the black experience project, editing/curating BEP video and photo content, answering/responding to telephone messages and calls, attending meetings/contending with issues as they surface for BEP, and presenting the research findings to interested organizations and the general public.